Sunday, December 30, 2007
Mark this day! I had to eat crow.
The cost of apologizing: Tulips, 100 Grand, and a card.

Who was it for....

The prize goes to... My husband. It all started over dinner. I was planning on cooking salmon croquettes for dinner. I got tired. Husband thought he'd help and cook. Well I woke up from nap to the smell of food cooking. He was attempting to cook the croquettes. He's never made them IN HIS LIFE. Well I got upset and you see the outcome. He was really trying to help out. He's the nicest, sweetest, most loving people on the planet. I'm extremely blessed to be married to him.

So on this day. December 30, 2007 I let my pride get in the way and didn't take the time to appreciate what my husband was trying to do. I WAS WRONG.
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Heaven help me, I have a crush!

For the first time since my Antonio Sabato Jr. years (all of high school and half of college), I have a crush. My taste has changed over the years of course, but a crush still. Okay, not really a crush, maybe I'm just a HUGE fan. A crush makes me sound kind of silly doesn't it. :)
I am a fan of... maybe a little crush on Jason Bateman. Don't know why, but I do. He's so funny and quirky. I've enjoyed all the recent movies I've seen that he's appeared in. And he's so cute, adorably cute. He looks like lots of fun to hang out with. Yes, that's it. I better stop. I'm going to be embarassed if my family reads this.
Is it sad that I'm not a "fan" have a crush on a much more popular star like Shemar Moore or Ryan Gosling (even though I am a "fan"). Oh the things to think about.
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Saturday, December 29, 2007
The evidence...

Originally uploaded by spamymom

Here's the proof of my big OOPS... I had to get that memory card out though.

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More pictures

Originally uploaded by spamymom

Well... Here is Miss A doing her cross eyed thing. She usually does a better job. But at least I have it captured.

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Originally uploaded by spamymom

This is all new so bare with me...

Voila the cinnamon rolls. :) The dreaded yeast...

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Friday, December 28, 2007
HELP! I'm trapped in a house with WHINEY kids.
Well it's so much fun to wake up to whining so early in the morning. Nothing says, "This is going to be a FANTASTIC day" better than " But I had it Firrrrst" UG!!

I finally see the sun so that's a good sign to GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. So off we go to get Miss A's ballet shoes fitted. Hopefully I will be able to add pictures later. Darn usb cable...

Oh and in trying to get pictures on here, I look at my printer and see all those lovely memory card slots. I thought that surely my card will fit in one of those. Well... not quite. So I got the darn thing stuck inside the card slot. Thank goodness I'm handy with a screwdriver. I pried it apart and shook the printer upside down. Well it finally came out.

I could NOT lose the picture of Miss A being silly and cross-eyed. It's too funny and so her.

So if I can get my hands on the cable, I'll have pictures up later today. So in the meanwhile, enjoy the music. Which I painfully made my husband endure my singing to old Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill songs. He's so sweet, he even said he liked my voice.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007
Wow, where to start...
Well as always when I'm on break, I go into a mad cooking marathon. I love cooking. I just would like more time to do so and experiment. Of course, the rest of the school year, I am usually exhausted and don't have time to break out my box.

So today I've made cinnamon rolls, a meat sandwich for my sweet hubby and sausage gravy to go with biscuits.

The cinnamon rolls look pretty... But I wasn't too thrilled with the taste. I will just admit it, I have a hard time baking ANYTHING with yeast. It's so sad because most of the things I like to bake have yeast in them. Oh the sad cycle.

The sausage gravy was a HUGE hit.

My husband doesn't want to fully admit it, but I think he's fallen even deeper in love with me these last couple days with all this cooking. :)

Oh and BIG news... At least for me anyways. I weigh less than my husband for the first time in about 4 years. Oh how sweet it is. Oh yeah!

Oh, you want to hear something funny AnsLeigh said to me today. Well we were trying to listen to the news when she walks in yelling "I have a booger in my nose." So we ask her to quiet it down. So she whispers over and over again "I have a booger in my nose." and then continues to jump in my lap while she is saying this and putting her finger in her nose.

Thank goodness she's so cute. I couldn't help but laugh. She really got a kick out of my using the flashlight to look inside her nose to see this booger. I found it, it was tiny though. Silly girl.
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