Sunday, June 8, 2008
To the lady at the grocery store parking lot today...
I dedicate this entry to the lady who got upset about a parking spot at the grocery store. We were *BOTH* waiting for a parking spot and I was in a better position and I took it. She honked and pulled up behind me and her oh-so-wonderful teenage daughter decides to call me a "B." And she whines about how long she's waited for that spot and how I'm so nice. Well, yes I am. I am a nice person. :)

It's a GROCERY STORE. Not the day after Thanksgiving and we're trying to get a parking spot at a retail store. Big deal. It happens everyday, I've lost parking spots before. I get over it. I find another spot. I don't find it necessary to pull up behind them and speak with them.

So lady at the grocery store. Sorry I didn't engage in a wonderfully witty conversation with you. So I kept on past you leaving you looking crazy and having bystanders stare at YOU.

So sorry I didn't run over your daughter with the grocery cart like I truly wanted to when she purposedly stopped in front of me to say "Oops, did I get in your way." I went right past her to the line and checked in at the extremely short checkout line. :)

So sorry you didn't get the confrontation you were wanting. Hope you have a great day. I hope you enjoyed your walk to your parking spot because I sure did enjoy the quick stroll to my spot. :)
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