Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Woo Hoo! I remember how to cook
I haven't cooked very many new recipes that actually turned out GOOD in a long time.

The last few days I've made some bacon wrapped jalopenos, pizza pinwheels, chocolate mocha brownies.

They were so good!! Woo hoo! It felt good.

I took the jalopenos and brownies to class tonight. They were eaten up! YES. That felt so good. A proud moment for me.

I would have taken the pizza pinwheels, but I still have to work on some stuff. They spread so much while baking, but they sure tasted good.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008
Picture of the day

yep 009
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This was taken a few days ago. A picture of just how I am at THAT moment. UGH! I tried smiling, not smiling, etc. Not smiling made my face look even bigger and my other chin appear. :)

So I had to be silly. So here's my list of what I want to be in 2008

1) thinner :) Of course!!
2) more carefree- NOT careLESS
3)less walls between myself and others
4) full of surprises
5) more well-read
6) with more friends
7) smiling more
8) okay with how I look- taking off the deception that I've allowed that just because I've gained weight, that I'm unattractive or ugly. I think that the reason I don't smile much. One of the kids in my class a couple of years ago said something about one of my teeth being crooked. I had braces like forever ago and there's been some shifting over the last few years. I just I got self-conscious about it. So I stopped smiling. I looked back at my old pictures- I was a smiling fool! I was known for my smile. I'm taking my smile back in 2008!
9) wiser
10) talking more on the phone- I usually HATE phones, I, Astreia, vow to actually call people on the phone and see how they are doing. I will no longer rely JUST on email.
11) a hostess, I want my home to be a place where people feel comfortable and have fun like in my early days of marriage
12)Lord willing (and it's His timing) pregnant, (newly pregnant in December 2008- no sooner, but that up to Him-it's His gift to give)
13) laughing
14)more affectionate
15)more in love with LIFE!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
The one I love...

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This is him. My husband Sean. I had a wonderful photographer take some pictures of the family a few weeks ago. I am in love with this picture of us. It's honestly better than some of our wedding pictures.

Anyways, back to my husband. We'll be married 8 years in April. He always says the time has gone fast. I honestly can't say that. Maybe that's my introspective nature. We've gone through some battles together and sometimes at each other. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I can surely say that my husband loves me without thinking twice and vice versa. It's sometimes weird to be on the receiving end of that kind of love. Where no matter how hard you try to push away and show your ugly side, they're still there and want to be there. I think that part is finally sinking in. Lord willing, he's not going anywhere. Goodness knows I've shown him some ugly (and he's shown me his) but we're in this thing together. Anyways. I love him. Isn't he cute.... And don't we make some beautiful babies.

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