Sunday, March 2, 2008
Making Some ROLLS!

Well, I decided to try again. I tried to bake some bread - as you know that involves YEAST. Remember the cinnamon roll incident. Not pretty. Well,I made some rolls. I turned it into a family affair. AnsLeigh couldn't wait to get started. She helped me rolls then into snakes. Then we have Sean and Kieran being put to work. Kieran didn't really enjoy making the snakes. Sean was a good helper. Then AnsLeigh helped brushed them with butter. She wanted to it ALL BY HERSELF! of course;) She was a great helper. She's so much fun. Nevermind the fact that right at this moment she's bugging me to play a computer game.

Anyways, here they are. In reverse order, after and then before. They looked so pretty. They are ALMOST perfect. Guess what I forgot though... SALT. URGH.. You can taste the difference though sadly. Kieran doesn't seem to mind though. I guess I'll just have to slather on some salted butter. :) At least I'm getting closer. Yeast, I'm not afraid of you anymore! HA! I laugh in your face.
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